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Skunk Oder Problems

Room Shocker™ 

Eliminates severe odors*, Guaranteed! Not a masking agent. Good for one room up to 400 sq/ft. Because Room Shocker works like fumigation bomb it will effectively reach places that other products just can get to and safely eliminate the odors. It literally seeks out the odor causing molecules like a smart bomb and will permeate walls, curtains, mattresses, floors, ceilings, cushions, rugs and all nooks and crannies where odors get trapped.

When a skunk sprays your home or animals, it's only natural for you to panic  -- since the skunk spray is a liquid (specifically an oil), it adheres  to everything, and the worst thing you can do attempt to get rid of the odor; in fact, everything your animal touches will most likely spread the smell. This is why a skunk-sprayed animal loose in your house is nothing less than a nightmare to deal with.


While ridding your house and cars of skunk smell is enough of an ordeal, we have other products that can take care of that, that actually helps to eliminating the source of the problem, this requires an alternative method that neutralizing a room that requires a gas, this isn't optimal for eliminating the smell on your animals-- direct application of a powerful skunk odor removal product is essential.


Introducing the doggiCLEEN™ Skunk Spray Cl02 Odor Eliminator - Best Skunk Odor Remover For animals*

Let's face it: home remedies like tomato juice just don't work, and they tend to dry out the pets skin, as it is very acidic. Other products are typically citric-based, which oxidize by way of acid, as well. The doggiCLEEN™ Skunk Spray Cl02 Odor Eliminator is a liquid spray that is a proprietary blend of Cl02 and aloe vera -- which is very safe and healthy for the pet (and is why more and more vets are switching over to DoggiCLEEN) -- and can target the specific areas of your dog and eliminate the source of the skunk smell in your house.


Room Shocker™ and Auto Shocker™

Like our Room Shocker™ and Auto Shocker™ products, the doggiCLEEN™ uses the positively charged chlorine dioxide to attract the negatively charged skunk odors like a smart bomb and will remove them. The doggiCLEEN™ comes in a convenient 8 oz. multi-use pump spray bottle, and is good for use on small, medium, and large dogs and cats. Also, it soothes, and is great for, your pets fur and skin.

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